+ Characteristics

The PCD-868 is designed and used for the OPP Film of various sizes, and can simple it step then variable more size.

■ The video screen of the intuition type input control.

■ Be transported by the OPP film of the servomotor control.

■ The OPP film proceeds from the servomotor to track and cut off.

■ Many step type tensions control construction.

■ The OPP film uses two step types of joint constructions.

■ At house process, this machinery can confirm to there be CD or non - CD in the box.
■ For the size of the different specification, replace the molding tool to only need roughly ten minutes, and meet the economic need of the precision and fleetness.

■ The construction of the Heat sealable belt controls for dual tension, and more have the stability.

■ Provide with Ionizing blower static eliminator.

■ Safe system can check that break of Heat sealable belt and film jam.

+ Each Construction Installs & Capacity

■ Apply the product / 10mm jewel case / 5mm slim case / DVD case / Cassette tape

■ OPP film diameter / Max300mm

■ OPP film wide / Max 222mm

■ OPP film Thickness / 20 ~ 25 μ

+ Each Department Name

01. Feed in belt

02. Film feed and clipping equipment

03. Heat sealable belt sealing

04. OPP film holding

05. Tear tape holding

06. Folding head & pre-sealing

07. Final back sealing

08. Index head

09. Side folding

10. Side pre-sealing & finish sealing

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